Farwell's Path Gravel

Path gravel which is a locally sourced product, comprising of a clay/gravel mix and screened to 20mm. Farwell’s path gravel is ideal for pathways, driveways and hard standings. Path gravel can be left as a finished surface or dressed with shingle.

Supplying Path Gravel Across Hampshire & Dorset

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Path Gravel

Path Gravel Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in creating a gravel path is to plan and excavate your path. You will then need to choose the type of gravel or small rock that you wish to line the path, although we recommend using a pea shingle. You can then lay the gravel or rock and make sure to properly level it around the border of your choice.
To quantify how much gravel you might need for your project, measure the length and width of your area and multiply it by the depth of gravel required. Make sure all measurements are in the same unit. If you have an odd-shaped area, break it down into rough rectangular or square shapes and calculate each area one at a time.

To adequately lay a gravel path, it helps to lay out garden hoses to represent the shape of the 3-foot-wide path. Use a shovel and edger to cut alongside the hoses to mark the walkway onto the ground and remove hoses when done. Dig the depth of gravel you desire.

To make a gravel path on a slope, select a proper location to measure out the slope and be sure to level the path bed. You will also need to excavate the slope and instill the base of the walkway to ensure damp surfaces won’t degrade the slope. Finally, you will need to establish the edging.
To lay a gravel path with stepping stones, you will first need to lay the stepping stones and make sure the stones are one stride apart. Secondly, remove the gravel and make sure to place mortar mix on the cleared gravel areas. Then, replace the gravel around the slabs to ensure your path is complete.
Laying a gravel path on soil is similar to laying a path with stones. First, you will need to make sure you edge the area and remove any weeds so that the path looks uniform and neat. Secondly, lay the base of the soil according to your specifications, and finish the pathway with a border of your choice.
To achieve an adequate depth for your gravel path, pour out enough gravel to come about ½ inch shy of the top of the edging. Rake the gravel out evenly, making sure none of the landscape fabric shows through as this can interfere with the exact measurements of how deep a gravel path should be, which is about 1-2 inches.
When cleaning a gravel path, piling your gravel and then hosing the dirt off it isn’t very efficient. Instead, if you spread the washed gravel over a large area, this will allow it to dry faster. Spraying the gravel with weed killer after you clean it can prevent weeds from sprouting in between.

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