Hoggin is a mixture of sand, gravel and clay and when compacted together makes a very stable, buff coloured surface. For this reason, it is used as hard core in roadbuilding. Hoggin is easy to maintain as it permeable, allowing water to filter through it, is environmentally friendly and is aesthetically suited to all types of properties.

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Frequently asked Hoggin questions:

What is hoggin?

It sounds like something out of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, but Hoggin is in fact a type of aggregate used to surface roads, drives and pathways.

This compactable groundcover is composed from a mixture of clay, gravel and sand or granite dust, which when combined produces a brilliant buff-coloured surface at a cost-effective price. Much more environmentally friendly than breeze blocks or concrete, this hardwearing aggregate is low maintenance when compared to traditional gravel.

Hoggin is an as dug product which means it is not screened in any way, It is one of the few natural products that is untouched or modified.

What is it used for?

Due to its colour, hoggin is aesthetically suited to older properties or those that need little maintenance. However, due to its low cost and durability it is now becoming popular with all types of residential properties, who are using it to lay pavements, pathways and driveways.


Hoggin is a great aggregate to use for making pathways as the surface is somewhat absorbent to water, ensuring that it does not easily hold puddles or turn slippery when wet. If the hoggin pathway is being laid across a slope, however, you will need to allow for drainage from one side to the other to prevent puddles from occurring.

A path that is made of hoggin is quite easy to install and maintain, although it may require some weeding from time to time.


Best suited for longer, well-used driveways, hoggin forms a fairly comfortable and level road surface that can withstand the constant wear and tear of medium to heavy vehicle use.

Relatively strong and sturdy it costs considerably less than tarmac or concrete and can be topped up every few years.

How is it laid?

The gravel used within the hoggin should be well graded and spread evenly across the area that is being paved.

Once it has been laid, the surface should then be compacted using a roller. Depending on the depth of the surface required, consecutive layers may need to be spread to ensure that the material is compacted properly. In most cases, at least 3 to 4 inches (80 to 100 mm) will be needed for foot traffic or light vehicles.

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