Non-Conforming Wastes

When you hire a skip from Farwell’s you need to be aware that non-conforming wastes must not be placed in the skip, unless previously notified by you (so that the necessary special tipping arrangements can be made).

Non-conforming wastes include:

Please keep the load level so that in the judgement of the driver (whose licence could be at stake} it can be transported away safely. The Skip is yours for 14 days but if you fill it sooner please let us know, there is always someone else waiting for it. If you need to keep it longer please contact us before the time has finished, but we do reserve the right to charge a rental of £30.00 per week beyond this. We do not collect until you call us to say you have finished.

Please do not allow any fires in the Skip; if you do we shall have to charge you for the refurbishment costs, which can be quite expensive. Please do not over fill.

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