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The New Forest is a beautiful place to live with rolling woodland and marshy bogs as far as the eye can see. But below our feet lies poor soil, soft clay and sand which makes fitting drainage systems a challenge. And, with the New Forest National Park recognised for its geological importance, there are a unique set of planning requirements that need to be followed when installing wastewater drainage.

As experienced local contractors, Farwell’s have been installing all types of drainage solutions across the New Forest for many years and can offer advice and expertise to solve both waste and water problems.

Here we’ll tell you more about the maintenance, repair and installation services that we offer for all makes of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

Septic Tanks

If you live in the New Forest in a semi-populated or rural area, then chances are your house may be fitted with a septic tank. These offer an alternative method to dispose of your waste when your property is not connected to the main sewage system.

Septic tanks need to be well maintained. Failure to look after them, can result in problems such as collapsed pipes or blockages which are caused due to ground movement or damage from nearby trees and vehicles.
When it comes to looking after your septic tank, there is no such thing as being too cautious. If you start to notice a nasty whiff, struggle to get your sink to drain or find your toilet tricky to flush, then it is probably time to investigate, before things come to a rather unpleasant end.

Removing and treating foul waste from your property is crucial for your safety and hygiene and helps to ensure that you are complying with legislation. As of 1st January 2020, you are no longer permitted to empty your septic tank system directly into a ditch or watercourse.

Therefore, if you want to empty your system professionally, check whether it is working efficiently or want to enquire about having a new one fitted, then call Farwell’s today.

farwells septic tank installation in the new forest

sewage and Waste Treatment Plants

If you want to process your waste to a higher standard than that offered from a septic tank, then a waste treatment plant is the perfect solution. This tank has fewer, or in some instances no moving components on the inside, so requires minimal maintenance too.

As the effluence distributed is typically clear, it can be offloaded into a ditch or alternative watercourse upon approval of the Environment Agency.

Although a standard waste treatment plant uses gravity to force out the sewage, some might require a pumping system. This is particularly common in certain areas of the New Forest situated in dips and shallows.

There are strict building regulations regarding how a waste treatment plant should be installed, and at Farwell’s we can offer advice and expertise to solve problems no matter how big or small. We can even take a project through from design to completion.

Regular Septic tank servicing

The regulations regarding waste are changes all the time, but if you are an owner of a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, then it is now compulsory that you have an annual service and effluent check.

For more information on the types of inspections and health checks we offer at Farwell’s, call us today on 01590 682 527.

Eco-friendly water systems

We all moan about the British weather, but it can bring many benefits when utilised correctly. At Farwell’s we are constantly looking for economic and eco-friendly ways to preserve our water sources. One of these, is by fitting and installing a rainwater harvesting system.

This technology collects and stores rainwater for reuse. This can be to irrigate your land or garden, flush your toilets and wash your cars. In some circumstances it can even be sanitised for human consumption, using a pump, tank and purifying system.

Think Farwell’s for New Forest septic tanks

Utilising our 70 years of experience, our staff have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out sewage tank surveys, maintenance, repairs and installation with minimal disruption, and our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice.

To find out more about all our waste and water treatments, please contact us for information and a no obligation quote.


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