Waste Not, Want Not – Farwell’s reuse and recycle 80% of your skip hire waste

recycle skip hire waste

Farwell’s can manage your waste efficiently

As a nation we are becoming more aware of our carbon footprints and understand the importance of recycling, but with busy lives and convenience top of mind, do we always practice what we preach?

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Here we look at what measures Farwell’s have put in place to ensure that we reuse and recycle as much of your skip waste as possible:

Skip it, don’t tip it

We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country surrounded by ancient forest, open moors and stunning sea vistas. Passionate about preserving our open spaces, heritage and the environment; Farwell’s are committed to managing your waste responsibly. To prevent the depletion of natural resources and reduce the harm we are doing to our environment and wildlife, as a fully licensed waste carrier Farwell’s encourage waste segregation to achieve a sustainable future for all.

It’s not just a load of old rubbish

Farwell’s won’t waste your waste – instead we will collect, transport and send it to our waste disposal unit where it is manually sorted into piles for processing. Whether it is domestic or commercial, our team of experts’ filter through each item with meticulous care.

Bricks, concrete, rubble and soil are reused as quality aggregate and useful resources, whilst metal, wood, green garden waste, plasterboard and cardboard all get recycled.

Non-recyclable waste can be shredded or turned into sustainable resources wherever possible. Farwell’s aim to recycle and reuse up to 80% of the waste we receive, having invested both time and money into new initiatives and technology.

So please don’t be tempted to spend less on skip hire as it could mean that your waste is not being handled responsibly.

Hire your skip with Farwell’s

Instead, book your skip hire through Farwell’s and you can rest assured that you are committing to a greener, brighter future today for others to experience tomorrow.

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