G. Farwell Ltd. Makes Impactful Donation to Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance: A Visit to Thruxton Airfield

farwells donation to hampshire iow air ambulance

At G. Farwell Ltd., we believe in giving back to our community.

One of the two charities that were recipients of the money raised through our 70th anniversary year was the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance.

Recently, we had the privilege of visiting their base at Thruxton Airfield and learning more about their invaluable work.

Exploring the Facilities and Empowering Discussion

On a bright Saturday morning, the Farwell’s team, including George, Mandy, Paul, and Lesley, had the honour of meeting Lucy Butcher, the charity’s representative of the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance.

We gathered at the hangar, eager to embark on a comprehensive tour of the facilities and engage in enlightening conversations about the charity’s impact.

George Farwell with Lucy from the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance

Committed to Hampshire and the IOW

During our visit, Lucy shared insightful details about the remarkable support the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance offers to the entire region.

Their dedication extends beyond Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, as they also provide assistance to neighbouring counties when emergencies arise. Witnessing their commitment firsthand left us in awe of the incredible service they provide to our community.

A Regretful Missed Opportunity

As fate would have it, shortly before our arrival, the air ambulance had been urgently called out to respond to an emergency. Despite our anticipation, we regrettably missed the chance to meet the courageous crew who tirelessly serve on the frontlines.

Nevertheless, we look forward to a future opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation in person.

George talking to the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance

Expressing Gratitude to Lucy and the HIOWAA Team

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lucy Butcher and the entire team at the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance. Their unwavering dedication and selfless efforts to save lives are nothing short of amazing.

It is an honour for Farwell’s to support such an invaluable organisation that plays a vital role in our community’s well-being.

At Farwell’s we are not only committed to providing reliable skip hire services, but we also strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Our partnership with the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance reflects our shared values of compassion and community support.

We are proud to stand with this exceptional organisation as they continue their life-saving missions throughout Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, and beyond.

george farwell Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance

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