5 reasons to use Farwells for lorry and plant hire

why use farwells for plant hire

When it comes to planning a construction project, the range of specialist plant equipment is vast and expensive. Many individuals, contractors, local authorities and construction firms recognise the benefits of hiring plant equipment from experts such as Farwells.

There are many benefits to using Farwells for plant hire as opposed to buying equipment, including cost saving, access to the latest equipment, quality assurance, improved logistics and the expertise of trained operatives.

Whether you require a digger, bulldozer, excavator or dumper, Farwells can supply you with the highest specification of equipment at competitive rates. Read on to find out our top reasons to hire from us, rather than purchase equipment.

Welcome to Farwells plant hire

A family company, Farwells have been hiring quality construction machinery for 70 years. During that time, we have established a reputation for quality, reliability and a high level of customer service. Based in the New Forest, our lorry and plant hire services are available within a 50 miles radius, covering both Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex.

Who do we rent construction equipment to?

We hire equipment to many satisfied customers, ranging from individual members of the public to large construction firms and local authorities. They trust Farwells service, materials and equipment to get the job done on a variety of projects, such as landscaping, excavating ponds, drainage, digging foundations, forestry and waste management.

Individual members of the public

Undertaking a landscaping or construction project can be a daunting prospect. We offer valuable advice to our customers on finding the right equipment for the job at competitive prices. For added reassurance, we supply a qualified operative with every hire.

Local authorities

We regularly supply plant equipment to councils undertaking construction, maintenance and demolition projects. They appreciate our reliable service and the high quality equipment that we provide.

Forestry projects

We are lucky to be located in the New Forest and we have a deep appreciation for the conservation work required in maintaining its natural beauty. Naturally, we are one of the the go-to companies for hiring plant equipment for all manner of forestry projects.

Construction industry

Farwells are trusted by the Hampshire and Dorset construction industry to supply the latest hire plant equipment, along with qualified operatives. Rather than buying plant equipment, renting equipment saves our construction customers money, time and eliminates storage costs.

Top reasons why you should use plant hire for construction

Every successful demolition, landscaping or construction project requires the use of reliable plant machinery and a high level of expertise.

Ownership of construction equipment is expensive, labour-intensive, potentially hazardous and can cause a logistical nightmare. So when it comes to the use of excavators, diggers, dumpers and bulldozers, there are many reasons for hiring equipment from a reputable plant hire company such as Farwells.

Key benefits of plant hire:

1. Cost

The number one reason to hire construction equipment rather than buying it, is the substantial cost saving. To home and business owners carrying out one-off projects, this if of course an easy decision to make, unless you have a spare few hundred thousand pounds and acres of storage!

For construction companies and contractors, hiring construction equipment can also be extremely cost-effective. Plant machinery is expensive and hire purchase agreements require regular payments that can affect cash flow.

In addition to the initial purchase costs, there are many ongoing expenses such as servicing, repair, safety testing, breakdown cover and insurance. By hiring plant machinery, construction companies can save a lot of money and earn a quicker return on each project.

2. Storage and logistics

Not to state the obvious, but construction equipment and lorries require a LOT of storage space! Then there is the cost of high-level security to prevent theft and damage. By hiring rather than purchasing equipment, you can avoid storage hassle.

Farwells take away the headache of storage and logistics by delivering your plant machinery exactly where and when you need it. Each piece of equipment is delivered promptly, in impeccable working order, to construction sites on a daily basis, meaning workers can crack on with the job at hand with no delays.

3. Reduced capital expenditure

While businesses can claim capital allowances on expensive equipment such as diggers, it only applies to brand new machinery. If your business doesn’t have the capital to stretch to newer models, then it may well be more cost effective to hire equipment instead. Hired rather than bought equipment also avoids the pitfalls of depreciation.

4. Trained operatives included

If you are an individual carrying out a domestic project, you may not have the qualifications or confidence to operate plant machinery. At Farwells, all of our plant hire equipment comes with a trained operative, providing you with peace of mind that the work is carried out safely and efficiently.

As a construction company, you can also benefit from the additional manpower to get the job done, especially when skilled workers are hard to come by.

5. Variety and quality of plant machinery

There is a huge variety of plant equipment on the market, ranging in quality and price. When you hire from Farwells, you can be sure of a great range of the latest equipment.

All of our machinery is quality checked, subject to regular testing and scrupulously maintained, plus we can offer you sound, professional advice on the best piece of equipment for your construction projects.

Choose Farwells for plant hire equipment

When it comes to hiring plant machinery, the benefits speak for themselves. If you require quality equipment for your next project in Dorset, Hampshire or West Sussex, then look no further than Farwells.

Our reputation for quality, expertise and superb customer service has been fostered since 1952. We would be happy to provide you with advice and quotes on plant hire for your next construction project.

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